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(2008-2010)The objective of the Silvergate-112 project is to create devices with standardised interfaces and a scalable integration technology that organises devices and services to provide novel services with extended functionality, which would be impossible without integration. Read more
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(2009-2011) The CARE initiative aims to realise an intelligent monitoring and alarming system for independent living of elderly persons. Specifically, this project targets the automated recognition and alarming of critical situations (like fall detection) using optical sensor and real-time processing while preserving the privacy and taking into account system dependability issues, especially... Read more
(2009-2012) The aim of the project is to support the development of a common, open, standardised and integrated European platform to deliver connected ICT-based assistive living solutions for the elderly, building on initiatives at the national level and, taking account of different funding mechanisms in EU member states (Social insurance-based; Germany and Hungary, private insurance-based;... Read more
(2010-2013) Clinics have a high potential for innovations in product, process and service development. There are a lot of reasons, why this innovation potential is insufficiently transferred into results such as product development for companies, Intellectual Property (IP) generation and better health care processes. Obstacles are e.g. different interests of clinics (welfare of patients,... Read more
(2008-2010) The proposed project aims at exploring the possibilities for future R&D cooperation between the participating institutions in the above mentioned fields. The development of computer, information and communication technologies has, by now, led to a new situation that is characterised by the practically unlimited data processing, storage and transmission capacities, and the fact... Read more   (2010-2013) The goal of the project is to have a small scale Connected Vitality Network operational that is highly rewarded by elderly to fulfill meaningful social contacts and is intuitively suited for their needs and abilities. The technology enables elderly to gain autonomous telepresence at any time; Allows elderly to have their individual needs and interests as a starting point... Read more
(2011-2015) The change of mental abilities is a normal process which already affects the population over 40 and strengthens with the age. Reading books, playing card and board games, solving crosswords are popular tools for keeping the mind fresh. With the spread of computers and computer networks computerized games are becoming more and more popular among the elderly. There are many... Read more
(2010-2014) The Collective Experience of Empathic Data Systems (CEEDs) project aims to develop novel, integrated technologies to support human experience, analysis and understanding of very large datasets. Read more
Project website: (2013-2016) Emerging embedded systems platforms harnessing new heterogeneous, multi-core architectures to enable the next generation of powerful mission-critical applications are demanding across-the-board advances in all areas of design and development to fulfill their promise. The integration of component-based design with model-driven... Read more