(2009-2011) The CARE initiative aims to realise an intelligent monitoring and alarming system for independent living of elderly persons. Specifically, this project targets the automated recognition and alarming of critical situations (like fall detection) using optical sensor and real-time processing while preserving the privacy and taking into account system dependability issues, especially ensuring reliability, availability, security, and safety from a holistic point of view.

A biologically-inspired neuromorphic vision sensor from AIT will be integrated in the Everon (alarm, security, and monitoring) system from Everon Ltd. for seamless analysis and tracking of elderly persons’ behaviour at home. This real-time information can be exploited for incident detection (e.g., fall detection, immobilised person), and instantaneous alarming the concerned parties. In relation to the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme, CARE proposes an innovative technology and system concept for real-time services to nursing homes and service homes. This initiative is an end-user driven R&D activity where the end-users represent the major market players in Ambient Assisted Living activities as they have direct relation and responsibility towards elderly persons ensuring their safety and independent living.

  • AAL Joint Programme, Call-1
  • AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AT, consortium leader), SensoCube (DE), Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Biomedical Engineering Knowledge Centre (HU), Oy Everon Ab (FI), Yrjö ja Hanna Ltd (DE), Senioren Wohnpark Weser GmbH (DE)

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